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Kon Boot: Getting into a Client’s Computer without using a Portal Gun

March 1, 2012 by bloodphilia. 3 comments

Okay, here you are again. Another computer from another (self-proclaimed) client for you to fix. So, let’s boot this thing and see what’s wrong with it this time. Okay, first obstacle; logging into the client’s user account. Now for me, repairs would usually pause here while I’m waiting for the moment I can get a hold of my client and ask him or her for the correct password. Annoying…

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Iron-cladding your Wi-Fi network

March 28, 2011 by bloodphilia. 4 comments

500px-Wi-Fi_Logo.svg Not too recently, I answered two questions about Wi-Fi security. Although both about different subjects concerning Wi-Fi security, I thought it might be nice to sum up some Wi-Fi security techniques/tips, some known by “the general public” (read: non-superusers), some less known.

Is it a good idea to have Wi-Fi turned on all the time? How to see who is using my Wi-Fi?

So, what do I use to secure my network?

That’s an interesting question… It seems there’s no ultimate measure you can take to completely make your Wi-Fi network bullet proof. Like pretty much any other security method, there’s a way so hack and circumvent the measure taken. The ideal scenario seems to be to use different techniques to secure that oh-so-important wireless connection to the outside world.

In this blog post I’ll try to shed some light on which techniques are available, explain a little about how they work and share some tips that have always helped me.

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