What Browser are Super Users using and why?

February 13, 2012 by . 10 comments

Out of curiosity over a question I saw on Ask Different, I created a poll on web browsers for you. My main goal is to find out why people use one browser over another. Is it actually better, or do you just use it because it’s the default browser? The survey is for users of all OSes, including iOS and Android. We will come back in a couple of weeks to post the results from the survey.

Please feel free to take the survey multiple times if you regularly use multiple operating systems. You can visit my survey on Google Docs here.

You can take a look at the final results in this Google Docs spreadsheet.


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  • the.midget says:

    Why isn’t there an option to mark Google Chrome (Linux) when I select Linux as my OS?

    I had to enter “Google Chrome (Linux)” in the “other” field, please correct that. I believe I’m not the only one using Chrome on Linux.

  • Right. I had to enter “Google Chrome (Linux)” too. Also, the spreadsheet is titled “Web browser shares among Mac users”. Needs correction.

  • Completely agree. I had to enter “Google Chrome (Linux)” under “other” as well.

  • Tom Wijsman says:

    Seems like a mistake made, I however don’t have access to this and I wonder if it’s still possible to change it after it has been made. Will try to contact daviesgeek about it, need to contact him anyway to see if he wants to do the processing. In any case, it looks fine in the results…

  • daviesgeek says:

    I am so sorry for all of you who commented, telling me about problems. I was unaware that this was even posted. I will fix the issues as soon as possible.

  • daviesgeek says:

    Ok, the Chrome (Linux) is fixed. Thanks to those who let me know about it.

  • jefromi says:

    Why is the “what features are better” a required field? (It especially doesn’t make sense if someone doesn’t check the “It has better features” box.)

  • Jim says:

    Wow think things are currently messed up for non-Windows OSs.

    85% of OSX users on “Other” OS X Version, and “Other” browser think someone messed up there!

    97% of Android users on “Other” OS version and browser.

    Still, doing better than iOS with 98% on “Other” OS version and browser!

  • Bob Bobson says:

    The results page is not very useful yet; almost every option is “other”. It may be better to check in on it once (many) more people have filled out the survey.

  • conspiritech says:

    All the android and linux survey takers are showing up blank in the spreadsheet, except for the OS field (which only says linux, not what type)

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