Meet the New Moderators!

February 8, 2011 by kronos. 0 comments

Hey everyone, the news is out and we have three new moderators! Congratulations to Sathya, DMA57361, and studiohack!

Sathya's Flair DMA57361's Flair studiohack's Flair

I have asked each of them to give an introduction as they pleased (well with a few probing questions).  Here are their answers:

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The Starting of our SSD journey

January 27, 2011 by kronos. 1 comments

Super User’s Questions of the Week [24 Jan – 31 Jan]

This weeks question of the week is actually two and one comes from the Meta.SuperUser site.  Before we begin we need to give a little bit of thanks and history.  With a simple Tweet, I asked our friends over at KingstonSSDNow if they would be willing to help us in testing out the new SSD technology.  They agreed!

SSD stands for "solid state drive".  SSDs use solid-state memory (similar to flash drives) to store data, and serve the same function that a hard drive does in most computers.  Because they have no moving parts, they are much faster than regular hard drives, but solid-state memory is currently more expensive per-gigabyte than hard drives.  We’ll have more posts soon about the details of the technology behind SSDs, and some of the interesting hybrids between traditional HDDs and the new SSDs.


So that means we’re getting an SSD drive, and we want to know what you want us to do with testing SSD tech, hence our first featured question of the week:

What do you want Super User Blog to test with SSD technology?

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Spammers Beware! We’ve got your number (for now)

January 25, 2011 by kronos. 1 comments

Placing your email publicly on a site almost always means instant doom for the Spam folder.

So what do you do so that you can have an email address that is shared with your friends and fellow blog readers but not adulterated by public spammers?  One technique found is to change the email address:

foo@bar.com ==> foo[at]bar[dot]com or foo(removethis)@bar.com, and more.

But does this obfuscation really work?  That’s exactly what Kyle Cronin asks:

Does email address obfuscation actually work?

The typical rationale is that this kind of obfuscation prevents the email address from being automatically recognized and harvested by spammers. In an age where spammers can beat all but the most diabolical captchas, is this really true? And given how effective modern spam filters are, does it really matter if your email address is harvested?

akira gives us the answer:

Yes, (in a way) email obfuscation works.

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Old School Computing Revisited and the Power of the Social Internet.

January 17, 2011 by kronos. 0 comments

With over 280 thousand views (and growing), and 300 upvotes we’ve got to mention this question that was posed by Demian Kasier:

What are the Windows A: and B: drives used for?


For all you old timers out there, this had a very simple and “duh!” answer: The Floppy Drive!  But to some newcomers to the computing world, you may have no idea what a floppy drive is, and probably feel just like these kids:


It’s ok, at the rate that technology development has been going, we’ll all be ‘old geezers’ for having used flash drives!  Let take a look at technology development:

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