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One thing should also be mentioned: If you try to ping an “ip” like this: it resolves in a hostname on windows and unix. this is because the 0 at 090 normally indicates an octal number, but the digit 8 and 9 are not in the set of octal numbers anymore. So it is simply interpreted as the host 010 of subdomain 010 of domain 010 of tld 090.

on windows you can also do some very weird pings

ping ^0^x^A.^0^1^0^0.^0^0.^5^0

the caret is the escape character but in this case it does not escape anything because the following characters are not escapeable.

By: Tim Murphy Wed, 07 Nov 2012 09:05:47 +0000 Off topic but why to the bother of pixelating your user name in the command prompt?

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